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Vinod Cookware: Revolutionizing the kitchenware market

Vinod Cookware, established in 1962, has a turnover of Rs 180 crore. Sunil Agrawal, Director, Vinod Cookware, shares the future plans of the company.

What was the ‘aha’ moment that inspired the founders to start the business?
The birth of Vinod was planted by Mr. Rajeram Agarwal, my father. During the years as an employee of a popular cookware firm, he realized he is not tailored for the 9 to 5 job and he was more of an Entrepreneur. With that, the foundation of his cookware business – ‘Vinod’ was laid which was nothing but a small stainless-steel utensil manufacturing unit at Bhandup, in Mumbai, in 1962. My takeover of the brand was after my father’s demise in 2010.

How did the company diversify into different product categories?
Initially we were only into manufacturing pressure cookers but as we saw the Kitchen appliance market developing. we felt the need to expand our product vertical range and introduce new variety of products in all the sections. Currently we have our product across sectors like pressure cookers, stainless steel products, Hard Anodised products, Zest non-stick products, Platinum series and Bottles. Our Best sellers have been Vinod Pressure cookers and latest best-selling product category is the Triply Series. Our latest technology is India’s first Three layered construction, encouraging the Stainless-Steel adoption in India. It comprises of 3 layer of Stainless Steel-Aluminium-Stainless Steel sandwiched technology. Going forward we plan to expand laterally introducing more technology with a mix of innovation

What is the USP of the products?
The products have been Ergonomically designed for every homemaker & Chef. Breaking the Indian stereotype, the cookware, allows burn free and even cooking experience in Stainless steel. We have recently launched “Triply Platinum Series” which comes in 3 layers i.e.  Stainless Steel – Aluminium – Stainless steel. “. The inner layer is 18/8 food-grade which helps in maintaining hygiene and enables contamination free cooking. The second layer is made of aluminium it helps even distribution of heat for even and burn-free cooking. The third layer is made up of magnetic stainless steel 430 which makes the cookware induction friendly along with the usage of Gas & Stove. We have been extensively promoting TriPly Series and it’s an instant hit amongst our consumers.

Where does manufacturing happen? What is special about Vinod’s manufacturing process?
Vinod Cookware has three manufacturing units in Palghar spread across xxx acres. Vinod cookware has been revolutionising Indian Kitchen Appliance with its technology the machineries used to manufacture these utensils were first introduced by us in India.

Who is the target audience and clients?
Our clients are retailers and distributors. We also have our presence online in partnership with Flipkart and Amazon. Our Target audience always has been home makers and chefs. We are intending to institutionalise our products and supply it to Big Hotels, Restaurants and Colleges as well.

What is a retail strategy?
We have one strategy applied to all the products. We have product ranging across all the verticals but we are mostly famous for our range of pressure cookers which we manufacture using sandwich bottom technology. We have been focussed on using this same technique for our manufacturing other products as well. We have always introduced newer technologies in the industry and have been the first timers be it revolutionising the SAS technology, Sandwich bottom technology or to bring PFOA free non-stick cookware to the country. 

How is the company using digital platforms?
With the blooming E-commerce sector and many businesses going online it was inevitable not to be present on the online retail platform. We have made our omni-channel presence and tied up with Amazon & Flipkart. Also maintaining the social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube has helped to attract lot of traction and gain popularity. Collaborating with the influencers and bloggers add another brownie point and helps to extend our reach amongst all the age groups and keep the brand alive.

Who are the competitors? How is the company staying ahead of them?
Every company who is into manufacturing kitchen appliances is a competition to us. The blend of product differentiation and Market Knowledge has kept us ahead of our competitors. It’s only via understanding the Markets, that one could design products, that could be the game changer in the Industry. It’s the confluence of both, planned long term. Vinod has always given strong emphasis on Quality as well as R&D, Consumption habits and studying its audience, before any launch be it bottle or the biggest being SAS Cookware. With changing trends, we predict the future trends, and that’s what makes us unique too.

What are the future plans for the company?
We intend to focus on launching products in our recently launched SAS TriPly Series. We have strong market presence in the Northern and southern India and have our brand presence across 2000 stores. We aim to cross 10,000 touch points by the end of 2020 and focus our radar will be the capital cities in the eastern and the southern regions. We are also going to announce the launch of our first Brick and Mortar store shortly.

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