For the past few years, the home and interior design industry in India has been growing at 20-30% annually with a market size estimated to be Rs 20,000 crores and the growth rate is expected to continue. However, It is mostly an unorganized market. Similarly, the customers and their needs have also changed. The smart, well-travelled, tech savvy and inquisitive home owner desires convenience and one stop solution, all in their expected budget. They employ an architect or an interior design consultant for designing the interiors and the said individual in turn works with carpenters for production and installation. The design-to-installation chain is thus fragmented and involves a lot of players from the unorganized sectors. This is a pressing concern for the organized segment of the industry.

5 Reasons to attend the Home & Home+ Conclave

Meet & discuss ways to bridge the gap between the unorganized and organized players alongside renowned members from the Indian & International home decor segment.
Understand the emerging industry problems to safeguard and sustain your business in the competitive business environment.
Gather insights and learn about new market trends from leading speakers through discussions and breakout sessions
Connect with like minded individuals and stalwarts from the organized segment to create lasting connections that do well for your business and personal growth.
Secure your future by finding new ideas to decode the mystery behind the rise of the unorganized segment and discover reliable solutions to avoid any future pitfalls.
Experience success stories, get a chance to listen to the never-heard-before narratives from the homeware industry. Note the key achievements of trendsetters to get inspired!