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Swiss luxury fabric maker Jakob Schlaepfer forays into Indian market

Swiss luxury fabric maker Jakob Schlaepfer forayed into the Indian market with the launch of a pop-up installation at the STIR Gallery in DLF Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi.

Conceptualised by architect Akshat Bhatt of Architecture Discipline in creative collaboration with fashion designer Amit Aggarwal, the installation titled “Parade of Souls” comprises a set of mannequins that stand dramatically within a glass box with exaggerated drapes in nine hand-picked Jakob Schlaepfer fabric pieces.

“The ‘Prade of Souls’ is a reflection of the collective human march through days, months, and years, where one seldom gets the chance to stay static or deliberate and aims to generate a sort of dynamism that provokes contemplation,” the brand said in a statement.

Akshat Bhatt, Principal Architect at Architecture Discipline said, “As a designer, you are often tasked to reference someone else’s aspirations in a way they could not have imagined. With this installation, it was rather pertinent for us to recognize the merit of the exercise beyond just being a representation of the brand itself – to pose questions to the viewer and the world at large: Are we individuals that identify ourselves? Are we a part of an army or a tribe that stands out? And the idea for the installation came out of these conversations, in trying to find a way to express the questions of introspection and reflection spatially.”

Fashion designer Amit Aggarwal said, “I think what I loved most about the Schlaepfer fabrics is that they have a distinct form of their own, which sat perfectly with our aesthetic as a brand, of mixing fluidity with structure. The fabrics were very malleable and so thoughtful. I also think that a lot of different materials woven together to create a textile range is such an exciting proposition for any fashion designer.”

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