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About Home & Home+ Conclave

These are exciting times. The world around us is witnessing most rapid transition ever and is taking place every day.

Whether it’s the real world or the digital one, we are facing new opportunities and newer challenges. In all of this, a home which is the most personal space for each one of us, is also.

The way Indian’s look at their home has changed dramatically. They are now built, designed and decorated with far more care than before.

This has brought the spotlight on various stakeholders who are a part of the home industry at different stages – right from engineers and real estate developers to architects, interior designers, furniture designers and décor experts.

As the next step in shaping the home and interior ecosystem, we are proud to present to you the Home & Home+ Conclave. It is a platform that will foster and facilitate discussions among all the stakeholders and thought leaders who shape a home and bring forward ideas that will become trends and Standards, in the near future.

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What's In Store

Hear inspiring talks, meet the best industry professionals from across India and network with stakeholders at the event!

The first-of-its-kind conclave brings together some of the best opportunities to<br /> network with industry leaders
It's a golden chance to showcase your brand and services to the industry.
Get rewarded for your outstanding contribution to the industry and celebrate achievements of stalwarts
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Hear the leaders speak. Understand their ingenious insights and debate/discuss thoughts to decode the ‘future of homes’!