HOME & HOME+ CONCLAVE will walk you through the 5-point game-plan for a powerful Home Business. Because let’s face it, in the current era of the millennial culture of zero-to-minimal brand-stickiness, if you don’t get it right, customers will go to someone who does it right. Here are the pillars:
Digital Disruption
Digital has helped build a parallel narrative of inductive doctrines where the focus is on looking at the convergence between functions, breaking down functional silos within organizations by adopting a customer-centric approach.
Channel Proliferation
The proliferation of channels including online does change the game and having a multi-channel strategy is critical.
Think NOW, Buy NOW
Shorter lead times from Design to Manufacturing to Retailing will be the future of Home & Home furnishing business. it is more profitable to sync with customers and offer them what they want to buy NOW
Experience Matters
Providing the best customer experience is how businesses can gain loyal customers. Loyal customers are, without a doubt, the backbone on which businesses survive.
Get motivated to design your living quarters with style, find inspiration in presentations, through exhibitors, discussions, and much more.